The Blarney Castle Hotel.

In last week's blog post I wrote about an event at the Blarney Castle Hotel and said I'd talk about a shoot I did there a few months ago in this week's post.

Earlier this year I was asked to photograph the hotel and provide a bunch of images for the hotel's new website.  There was such a lot to photograph, the shoot was spread over 3 days and involved an overnight stay.

The brief was to photograph everything - accommodation, food, bar, live music, staff and to try and show the hotel is family owned.  Moving from room to room, I wanted to capture the luxury of the accommodation.

As well as wide shots, showing the facilities in the rooms was very important. 

Food is a big part of what the Blarney Castle does so the chefs pulled out all the stops and prepared some amazing looking dishes for me to photograph.  In the first shot, I tried to convey warmth and the low key lighting, whereas the second shot was more about the food on offer.

The staff and customers got involved, too. 

The hotel also caters for events, this was a place setting for a celebration booked in for the day I was shooting so naturally I had to photograph it.

There was so much to photograph, this blog post will have a 3rd part, which I'll post up next week - you'll see music, staff, breakfast, the owners and a lot more!