Now here's a business thing...

I joined my local Chamber of Commerce the day I started my business.  Being a member of the Chamber not only enabled me to make very useful connections, it gave me more work as a photographer.  Let me explain.

Using the surroundings to add interest to the image.

As well as providing support, advice and training to businesses, the Chamber holds regular events such as networking evenings, business breakfasts, and information and launch type of events. 

I always try to do something different.

These events are always photographed, which generates more business and more income for me.  The challenge is always to stray from the norm and come up with something interesting and different, which is why I love my job!

A new website launch for the Chamber.

Trying to think creatively is what's required here, taking one's time is important, although when busy business people are being photographed, time is usually something you don't have!  For the final image in this blog post, which was for the launch of the Cork/Dublin Chamber's annual dinner, the feeling of connection had to be conveyed, hence the 'connect' word.  Having a brief think led me to come up with the idea of shooting on a bridge - bridges connect two sides, like the two Chambers.     

I got this image, and a variety of others, in just 9 minutes!

So there we are, another type of commercial photography in my arsenal.  I'm no longer a member of Cork Chamber as now I've moved to the country, travelling 100km for events isn't justifiable.  However, I will be joining a local Chamber very soon. 

The Chamber generated a lot of work, both commercial and personal and I'd advise any new business to join its local Chamber, it's well worth the membership fee.

If you're a business owner or employee with an event coming up which needs photographing, get in touch - my contact details are at the bottom of this page.