Now here's a thing...

As I alluded to in my last blog post, I purchased an event printer whilst I was at a trade show in Birmingham last month. I used it at an event for the first time on Sunday last, and it was a roaring success!

The event was a cheval. For those who aren't aware, a cheval is where numerous horse owners gather with their horses and undertake a ride to raise money for charity.


Not many professional photographers own, or have access to, an event printer and, indeed, Joe Public isn't used to the novelty of having printed pictures available to buy at the event they're at.

After photographing the horses before the cheval started, I uploaded them to my computer which, along with the printer and display board, was set up in my gazebo. By the time the riders arrived back from the ride, all the pictures were on display as contact prints for people to browse through and decide whether or not to make a purchase.

The concept of buying prints at the event proved extremely popular, with the gazebo full of browsers and customers numerous times. Customers were impressed with the quality of images I was producing operating from a car park in Skibbereen!

This type of service isn't just for chevals; I'm available for birthday and retirement parties, anniversaries, confirmations, communions, christenings, sporting events, awards nights and, of course, everything equine - the list is endless! Remember, I can operate both indoors AND outdoors, in all sorts of weather. I can also provide a photobooth for events, which is guaranteed to provide a ton of fun!

Contact me for further details, should you be interested in this service.