Now here's a thing...

I enjoy shooting landscapes/seascapes.  There's no pressure involved, unlike weddings, commercial, editorial etc.  One can just relax and get the shot when the time is right.

Nikon D90. f16, 1/100, ISO 200.

For this shot, I waited 2 hours for the sun to get into the right position! It was taken on Garrettstown beach on a random visit.  I spoke to the fisherman and told him what I wanted to do and he was very obliging, staying exactly where I told him!  I took a few shots to get the settings spot on and, as soon as the sun was in the right position, took the final image, as you see here.

I'm very pleased with the picture, especially as it was taken on an amateur camera, the Nikon D90, which was my first ever DSLR.  It just goes to show, it's not the gear that's important, rather the eye behind the camera. 

Remember, although shooting landscapes is not stressful, patience is crucial.  And warm clothes...!

I cover landscape photography in my lessons, so if you want to produce pictures like this, have a look at my tuition page on the site and give me a call or send me an email to find out more.