Now here's a thing...

A while ago, an episode of Dragons Den showed a young Cork company, Starcamp, pitching for an investment from the Dragons.  Imagine my delight when I received a call asking me to do some promo shots!

The brief was to show what Starcamp does (dance, drama, fun for kids) in photographs.  I took numerous shots over the course of the session, using a simple one off-camera flash set-up, bounced into an umbrella.  I asked the kids to pose, jump off the stage and play various games until I had a good number of varied shots for web and social media use.

All the kids were really enthusiastic about the shoot and played their parts perfectly.  I found that once they knew what I wanted them to do, they didn't need telling twice and just got on with the task in hand, although it wasn't too difficult for them as the shoot was a whole load of fun!

Since the shoot, Starcamp has gone on to achieve huge success and my images are still used to advertise the various camps which are held around the country in many different locations.