Now here's a thing...

So I decided to start a new feature on my business Facebook page called: 'Pic of the Day'.  It involves me choosing a photograph, whether it be freshly taken for the day's post, or from the archives, and posting it on Facebook with a few lines describing the image that's been posted.  There will be a new picture added daily, so keep an eye out on my business Facebook page for the regular updates.  If you want to be featured on 'Pic of the Day', give me a shout and we can make it happen!

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For today's image, I took a picture of my good friend, Aaron Canty, of

Aaron's business is all about weight loss, empowerment and feeling and looking good about oneself.  He has some fantastic ideas about weight loss, ideas that I've not come across before.  Although Aaron's is a fledgling business, he's starting to build it up and if he carries on doing what he's doing, he can only be very successful!  Go on over to his website, give his Facebook page a like and support him in his venture - I know he will appreciate it.