Now here's a thing...

I thought in this weeks post it would be nice to showcase one of my landscape shots - a night shot of the famous 12 Arch Bridge in Ballydehob.  I'd waited for around two years to photograph this bridge, every time I'd tried to capture it, the sky was wrong, the weather was awful, the water level was too low, etc, etc.   Then in August 2013, at 22.04, I finally managed to get this shot 'in the can', as it were. 

I'd had a good walk around the bridge on my previous trips, so knew whereabouts I wanted to set up my tripod and take the shot.  So I set up the gear, pressed the shutter, and here's the result. 

I'm really happy with the image, all the waiting was worth it.  I've sold a number of copies of this picture, so I'm not the only person that likes it! 

For the photographers amongst you, the camera settings were as follows

30 seconds
ISO 200

Gear used:
Nikon D700
Nikon 24mm f2.8
Manfrotto tripod