Now here's a Christmassy thing...

With Christmas just one week away, thoughts will be turning to presents, family, friends, and food and drink!

If you're anything like me, you'll want to take some photographs of the celebrations and get-togethers. As this is a time for families, keep the photographs nice and simple. 

Get everyone together in a group, around the Christmas tree and shoot away.  
Don't forget to capture the kids opening their presents on Christmas morning - be sure to use a flash as its usually very dark at 5am!
Once the presents have been opened, sit the kids on the couch with their favourite gifts and take a shot. 
Another good picture is the dinner table when the turkey is ready to be carved and everyone is seated for what is undoubtedly the biggest dinner of the year!
A must-have picture is one of granny/grandad asleep in their chair after the huge dinner!
Don't forget to do a selfie - you don't want to be left out of the pictures!

That's just a few ideas, if you've any more, post them in the comments section below - it's good to share!